MANTIS Institute of Games Research

Our vision is to conduct research to build and enhance our capability to create and share insights in games, learning, and learning outcomes.

Our mission is to improve our understanding of the antecedents, processes, and outputs of games for learning and discovery.

A game is any activity using challenge, play, and scores, between two individuals or teams of individuals that is conducted to produce understanding. It is more than instructional and course design, and includes facilitation, feedback, and assessments.

Learning is a process that produces changes in the individual’s perception, opinion, or conclusion. It does not always add to his or her knowledge, and is usually seen in his or her new attitudes or behaviour.

Our previous research efforts have been sporadic, and were driven more by opportunity than by purpose or business need. Yet, such efforts helped us create nearly 30 games and almost ten papers. Most importantly, we were able to increase product variety, learning effectiveness, and learner satisfaction from our games.

Since 2003, we have made unique and substantial progress. We have researched concepts and constructs like intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, locus of control, leader effectiveness, interpersonal competitiveness, aggression, emotional intelligence, pro-activity, and role efficacy. Before it all began, we had built a scale in 2002 that identified and measured five dimensions of learning from management simulation games. Later, we built the country’s (probably) first marketing management and project management games. Using qualitative research, we made sector-specific games in banking, coal-based power, and petroleum refining.

Yet, we could have done more, such as sharing our research results for practice, and building simpler games. This Institute will now sharpen and re-double our efforts, more than ever before. It will extend its research findings to students, teachers, other individuals, and educational institutes with similar interests.

Our International Advisory Board

Upinder Dhar, Chairman of the Board
Vice Chancellor
Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya
Sanwer Road, Indore – 453111, India

Toshiko Kikkawa
Faculty of Business and Commerce,
Keio University 2-15-45, Mita,
Minato-ku, 108-8345, Tokyo, Japan
Elyssebeth Leigh
3 Brooklyn St Tempe. 2044, Sydney, Australia
Songsri Soranastaporn
Thai Simulation and Gaming for Learning Assn Science, Technology & Innovation Assn of Thailand Chief of English for Science, Technology & Innovation Associate Professor, Mahidol University,
Budhamonthon Sai 4, Nakorn Pathom 73170, Thailand

Joanna Średnicka
Pracownia Gier Szkoleniowych
Puławska 39/2, Warsaw, Poland
Elizabeth Tipton
Eastern Washington University 668 North Riverpoint Blvd, Room 361 Spokane WA 99202 USA
Eric Treske
intrestik | weiter mit spielen
Holzstraße 33 | D-80469 München
Postfach 140371 | D-80453 München
David Wortley
Founder and CEO, GAETSS
Alderton, Northants, NN12 7LN, UK
Vinod Dumblekar
Founder & CEO, MANTIS
Management Simulation Games
Design | Development | Delivery | Research
New Delhi - 110025, INDIA

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